Thermal Cameras

Solutions for managing and complying with public health related security regulations. Secure your facility and manage access with reliable body temperature detection.

Detection and Alert Configuration Based on Body Temperature, Potential Fires or Heat Sources with Thermal Cameras

With businesses and organizations reopening in the wake of COVID-19, there are new requirements to manage and monitor the health of employees, customers, visitors and patients, and Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides solutions with thermal security cameras.

Our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides thermal imaging technology for your surveillance system. The advantages of this system are limitless, from the ability to preset alarms based on specific events including temperature configurations to detecting fires at your facility.

Thermal imaging surveillance can also be applied to perimeter security solutions in combination with other sensors and intelligent analytics to keep your property secure regardless of the light conditions or visibility in poor weather. Thermal cameras are ideal for a variety of setups and eliminate the need for additional equipment to reliably detect threats.

Thermal Cameras can be Configured for On-Site for Temperature Screening, Alerting & Providing Video Evidence

Our New Jersey and Philadelphia thermal security camera professionals design and install applications design for the detection of abnormal skin Body temperature cameras Philadelphia New Jerseysurface temperatures. Thermal cameras enable clients to achieve rapid, effective and safe preliminary screening for entrances or in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of applications. Our system design will configure smart detection screening to focus temperature measurement on specific areas of human bodies to avoid false alarms caused by other heat sources in the area of camera view.

Thermal cameras can provide immediate applications to help meet COVID-19 security concerns:

  • Real-time detection of abnormal body temperature
  • Reporting with storing, viewing and exporting thermal result data from temperature screenings
  • Quick, lightweight and system deployment
  • Alert configuration and integration with access control systems

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Monitor Your Facility With Privacy Concerns in Mind

With thermal cameras for your surveillance system, you can still respect privacy while monitoring safety. In healthcare settings and other residential or public areas, thermal technology is perfect for being mindful of privacy concerns while still ensuring safety.

At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, we also provide dual thermal camera systems, which use both thermal and optical sensors to provide high-definition video for areas of concern. With this feature, you can still protect privacy, but have you access to clear video in the event of motion or another security concern.

When you Need a Surveillance Video Solution that will Work in All Conditions

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Could Thermal Cameras Benefit Your Facility?

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley meets with you to discuss your security concerns and determine if you could benefit from thermal cameras for your particular facility. Give us a call today to get in touch with our team!


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