Wireless Transmission

Our wireless video options allow you to avoid expensive cable installation for sites such as temporary job sites, but still guarantee high-quality video.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley works with businesses that have a need for reliable surveillance video butPoint-to-point wireless security cameras don’t have the ability to run a fiber cable, or have a job site located in an area that’s challenging to access. Long-range wireless transmission provides the network solutions you need on a budget while still providing the video quality you depend on for your surveillance video solutions.

We offer:

  • Permanent or temporary point-to-point wireless networks for your surveillance that can cover job sites, multiple locations, and more.
  • Camera control of up to four miles for your convenience.
  • Budget-friendly options by eliminating the need for cable installation or trenching.

With our wireless transmission surveillance solutions, you can ensure your security system covers what you need to even at a distance. Our team helps you install and maintain your wireless transmission surveillance system to meets your unique requirements.

Need Wireless Transmission for Your Surveillance Camera System? We Can Help!

Let us assess your surveillance needs today to discover if wireless transmission could benefit your job site or other security requirements. Contact us today!


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