Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley is a commercial security company serving Swarthmore. For access control systems, security camera installation, analytics, and more, our security professionals can help!

Designing the best security system for your Swarthmore business can be challenging without the right insight and resources. At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, our security professionals work with you to assess your risk and identify your security needs so you can take advantage of the best technology for your facility. Let us walk you through the process to meet your security objectives and keep your residents, employees or precious cargo safe.

Keycard Entry Systems and More for Your Access Control in Swarthmore

Controlling access to your Swarthmore business or healthcare facility is one of the most crucial ways to minimize on-site security threats. We help you take control of all your building’s access points and implement the most advantageous and cost-effective system for you.

From key card entry systems to keypad entry systems for doors, we can help you make the right choice for your access control. We also offer key fob, Bluetooth, and biometric access control measures. Whether you need to manage access for a residential or government building, we can assist you in leveraging the best system for your needs.

Perimeter Control to Enhance Your Surveillance System

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley offers perimeter control measures to keep your facility protected against approaching threats. Our intelligent technology uses ultra-wideband technology to create tamper-resistant border solutions while keeping false alarms to a minimum. Our perimeter sensors and controls can detect movement through objects such as walls and can be combined with thermal cameras to detect threats approaching your facility so your security personnel can respond appropriately.

Innovative Commercial Security Camera Solutions

We have cameras that can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions and even power and internet limitations such as those in remote areas. All of our cameras can be integrated with advanced analytics to keep your facility even safer, such as gunshot detection, smoke detection, and license plate recognition.

Our team can even integrate your surveillance cameras with your access control system to help you be even more proactive about managing threats and respond faster to incidents that have the potential to impact everyone’s safety.

Get in Touch With Our Team!

If you own a commercial business in Swarthmore, consider investing in the right commercial security setup for your particular location today. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley to learn more about our industry experience and professional insight to protect your assets!


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