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For advanced access control systems, security cameras, and monitoring solutions, count on Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. We work with facilities in all industries in Washington Township to meet their security goals and enhance safety.

Whether you have outdated surveillance equipment or are investing in a new system, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley has the professionals you need to make the most out of your commercial security investment. We work with industries including residential, healthcare, government, and cannabis to provide industry-leading technology, all in a custom-designed system to help you meet your security goals and keep your employees, assets, and residents safe.

Commercial Security Professionals in Washington Township

Our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides a complete range of commercial security services for your business in Washington Township. From mobile surveillance cameras to biometric access control, we make it possible to affordably implement the necessary solutions to keep your facility secure.

We fully assess your business location to determine the ideal location for your surveillance cameras and work with you to identify the right kind of cameras for your security risks. Whether point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras would be more advantageous or you need wireless transmission, invest in the right setup for your facility with us!

Security Camera Installation Washington Township We’re Your Access Control Specialist

If you’re searching for an access control specialist in Washington Township, you’ve found us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. Our team provides a diverse range of access control solutions, which allow authorized personnel and residents easy entry while restricting unverified visitors.

We customize your access control system based on your unique security needs, so whether you need a single access control method or a combination of measures for advanced security, we help you identify the perfect system to support your building’s safety.

Comprehensive Solutions for All Your Security Needs

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can integrate your security cameras with your access control to create a unified system manageable from one interface. We can even combine these systems with our analytics software, which allows you to immediately detect threats on your property such as smoke, gunshots, suspicious activity, and more.

Our team also delivers ongoing maintenance and support for your surveillance setup so you’ll never be without the expertise you need to reliably maintain your system. We even offer cloud hosting solutions and remote video access to ensure you can securely yet easily access your video footage anywhere with an internet connection.

Find Out More With a Consultation!

Schedule a commercial security consultation and risk assessment with our professionals today to find out more about how we can help you meet your security needs and maintain your equipment for optimal performance in Washington Township!


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