Wilmington, DE

Our team works with all types of commercial businesses in Wilmington to implement effective electronic security solutions with state-of-the-art equipment.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides expert design, installation, and maintenance of commercial surveillance systems. These include security cameras, access control systems, intelligent video analytics, and even cloud video storage to support your commercial security needs.

Whether you have a retail business, a warehouse, a religious facility, or a college campus, we can help you design and execute the right strategy for your particular industry. Our cost-effective equipment and support options continue to work for you even as industry compliance regulations and technology change.

Monitor Your Assets With Security Cameras in Wilmington

Surveillance cameras play an integral role in helping you monitor your business operations and manage potential threats. We work with you to conduct a full risk assessment and identify the most advantageous areas for camera placement, whether you need to monitor your access points, stock rooms, or parking garages.

Our surveillance camera technology can benefit many different environments, whether you need traffic cameras or to monitor a port or harbor. Our equipment is robust and adaptive, allowing you to adjust your system to better accommodate your needs as time goes on. And by integrating intelligent video analytics into your cameras, you can stay on top of threats and support your business objectives, all while safeguarding your assets.

Tailored Access Control Solutions

Simplify secure access to your facility in Wilmington with personalized access control solutions. Our team can help you secure your entry doors, parking lots, and even specific areas within your facility with the most advantageous technology for you.

Not only do we offer keycard and key fob systems, but we provide touchless access control methods such as biometric and Bluetooth. We can even implement facial recognition technology with your access control, which can be more secure than using a keypad and prevent the spread of germs.

With our electronic gate solutions, we can also help you better secure your parking areas from unauthorized vehicles. We also provide turnstiles for buildings that host large events, which can also be combined with our other access control methods for an even more secure solution.

Other Services We Offer

Our commercial security technology doesn’t stop there. We can also fit your vehicle fleets with interior and exterior cameras, as well as GPS tracking so you can monitor stops, reinforce customer billing for service calls, and ensure safe transport of your cargo.

We also provide 24/7 professional monitoring services, meaning a trained professional watches your video feed so you don’t have to. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses that don’t have the resources to dedicate to someone monitoring cameras around the clock.

All of our solutions come with monthly support packages, meaning we don’t just install your system and leave you to maintain it. We know your security is more important than that. Our security technicians provide maintenance checks every month to ensure your technology is working as intended, and should anything be wrong, we can fix it to prevent an interruption to your surveillance.

Let Us Help You Meet Your Goals

When you need reliable commercial security technology in Wilmington, count on the experienced team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley to help. Contact us today to schedule a risk assessment of your facility, or to discuss your goals for your business and how we can help you meet them with the right technologies!


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